Rebecca Genesis is a self-published author and intuitive paranormal researcher.  She has an AA degree in Psychology and Religion from St. Petersburg College and continued her studies toward a BA at the University of South Florida.

          Rebecca has experienced many strange paranormal events from a young age including her first mediumship experience at the age of 17 when the lost soul of a murder victim came to her in a dream.

          Her interests include photography, cooking, music, reading, and adventuring. Rebecca’s main passion is traveling to active paranormal locations to better understand the mysteries of the unexplained. Her teenage daughter, Aaleah Genesis, is also an intuitive junior paranormal researcher with their team, Ghost Seers.

          Rebecca Genesis has been giving spiritual advice and life guidance to friends and family for more than 22 years. She continues to provide insight to those who need it through various divination methods and also channels other realms and the deceased to help provide healing for both the living and the dead.

          Rebecca’s first book of true scary and mysterious stories, “Ghost Seer” is available on She is currently working on a sequel, “Ghost Seer 2: A New Dimension” which will be released in 2018.