The Feeders at Night by Aldo G Gonzalez

Ghost Seers Book Review of a True Indiana Haunting

May 10, 2017

By: Rebecca Genesis

—– Imagine you are a middle-aged man, newly divorced, and trying to start over in life.  You buy a house that, at first, seems like the perfect place.  Then you begin to notice strange things, like the garage door opening by itself almost every time you drive up to it.  You try to shrug it off by rationalizing how these events could be explainable.  But before you know it, things become so strange that you can no longer ignore them or write them off as something “normal”.  The Feeders at Night also appears to be a haunted book (yes, you read that right … more about that in a bit) which tells the story of how a non-believer in the paranormal became a believer.  Well, Aldo had no choice, really … His house and its multitude of disturbing entities were quite literally feeding off of him and his despair.

—– Aldo G Gonzalez writes candidly and matter-of-factly about his experiences for those seven terrifying years he lived in an Indiana home so haunted that he was often confined to his garage, fearful of what he might experience next.  There are an array of entities Aldo encountered during his stay, and some of them are so unimaginably frightening, The Feeders at Night almost leaves you wanting to put the book down.  Almost … but not quite.  Aldo’s storytelling is gripping and you can literally feel his fear jump out of the pages and course through your own body.

—– I initially started reading The Feeders at Night thinking I would get sleepy and then have a restful night’s sleep.  I was wrong.  I started reading the book and found that I couldn’t stop until I had finished then entire story.  I ended up staying up about four or so extra hours that night (I’m a fast reader).  By the time I finished the book, I will admit, I had a hard time turning off the light before bedtime.  And, let’s just say that sleep did not come easily that night.

—– Being that Aldo is a friend of mine, he warned me beforehand that his readers were reporting strange instances in their own homes as they were reading his book.  And, because the adrenaline is already coursing through your veins, it’s even more scary to think that something could actually happen in your own environment while you are reading this truly haunting tale.  And, sure enough, something did happen …

The Author, Rebecca Genesis, and the possible haunted book, The Feeders at Night

The Author, Rebecca Genesis, and the possibly haunted book, The Feeders at Night

—– Just as Aldo predicted, it occurred while I was reading through Chapter Six, a chapter about Aldo’s father.  All of a sudden, my brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, came running into my bedroom.  She was obviously shaken with a wide-eyed look telling me that something unexplainable had just occurred in her and my brother’s bedroom.  I guessed it may have been a loud thump of some sort, being that it was a common report by Aldo’s readers while they were reading his creepy true story.  But, it was something a little more blatant.  Their bedroom light turned on all by itself!  This was something that had never happened before and I couldn’t get over the timing of it all!

—– In near disbelief, I explained to Amanda that I was reading a reportedly haunted book called The Feeders at Night and that I was already on edge thinking something paranormal could occur, especially while reading the exact chapter I was on.  She was not quite comforted with the added information, as you can imagine.  In fact, I know it made the whole thing an even more hair-raising experience for her.  However, Amanda soon went back to bed (or tried to, at least), and my adrenaline took on an even higher level than before.  I had to finish the book.

—– In The Feeders at Night Aldo explains how he attempted several times to get assistance from various paranormal investigation teams, mostly to no avail.  Some were just looking for cheap thrills and not really interested in genuinely helping him with his search for answers and peace.  Just as he was about to give up, two women in particular from a local paranormal group finally came through for him.  They were able to validate many of his experiences and offer emotional support in a time when he needed it most.  That was also when Aldo learned that he was dealing with what the more sensitive of the two women called “feeders”.

—– And, just what are feeders? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself.  I have no trouble calling this the scariest book I’ve ever read.  And, I’ve read a lot of books.  So, be sure to get your copy of The Feeders at Night by simply clicking on the book image below.  Aldo’s real-life haunting will leave on you edge, yet wanting more.  And, who knows…?  Maybe you will see for yourself that this book is different from most others … A truly haunting, and possibly even haunted book.

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—– Also, be sure to listen to Aldo interview me on his radio show, Off The Air with Aldo Gonzalez, which aired April 7, 2017 by clicking here.  I begin speaking about 15 minutes in to the show.  Enjoy!

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