1. Scott Guenthard
    January 20, 2016 @ 7:16 am

    Nice article, & pics.I need to get back there sometime soon. If you ever get to Los Angeles, try to investigate the Imperial hotel. (Might be difficult, trying to change their image). But when a friend who lived there and I did our own investigation we got some great results. From an about 2′ jade orb in the ballroom, 4 full body apparitions in the 2nd flr bar, ( which you can only reach by a back staircase), a black orb on the same floor, an evp of a suicide that happened in 1923, solid looking steel colored orbs in the pitch black sub-sub basement, a secret tunnel hidden behind an old furnace, that was used by bootleggers. And a pic of the “Black Lady”, outside the window on the 5th floor. (No fire escape). Plus over 200 orbs throughout, and multiple temperature changes.. A haunted elevator and a butcher knife stuck in the inside of my friends front door when we returned to his room which was still locked. This all happened in a 6 hr period. Assorted different stories from the security guards of apparitionsinthe lobby.
    And if you would like company when you go to Brodie California, please contact me, it would be a pleasure.


    • GhostSeers
      January 23, 2016 @ 6:11 pm

      Thanks for your feedback, Scott…! I look forward to some west coast ghost hunting sometime…Rebecca


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