What Are Shadow People?

February 22, 2016

Exploring Paranormal Theories on Shadow People

By: Rebecca Genesis

—– When it comes to the strange realm of the paranormal, there many different types of beings we may encounter.  One of these mysterious and unexplained entities are what’s commonly known as shadow people, or shadow beings.   They have also been called by many other names throughout different times and cultures.

—– Shadow people can vary in size and appearance.  Likewise, the experiences of those who have been in the presence of these specters can differ drastically from one person to the next.  Regardless, shadow people share some basic characteristics that set them apart from other types of ghostly apparitions.

—– What all shadow people have in common is that are comprised of a very dark, shadowy image.  Oftentimes, people have seen shadow people manifest themselves in a humanoid form.  They may even appear to be wearing a rimmed hat, or a hooded cloak.  And, they may also have fearsome glowing red eyes, or even horns.  There is also a correlation between the appearance of shadow people and episodes of sleep paralysis.

—– The following video contains personal stories and video footage about Shadow People:

—– (To skip to shadow people caught on tape, go to 9:30)

—– Shadow people, however, are not always human-shaped, as they can morph into varied shapes and sizes. They may just take on the form of a deep black blob or mass.  In fact, this is exactly what I witnessed just about a year before writing this article.

—– One evening in March of 2015, I had a frightening encounter with a moving, black life form.  Although I wasn’t sure what it was back then, I know now through my research that it definitely falls into the category of what would be considered a shadow being.  It was an experience I will never forget…

—– You see, the house across the street from the one I lived in at the time had been exhibiting signs of an active haunting.  The events began with the disappearance of the strange neighbor who had been renting the home across the street when I first moved into the neighborhood.  As if that wasn’t puzzling enough, then there was the appearance of a blood-soaked mattress lying at the curb of the house after it had been visited by a cleaning crew.

—– At that point, I wasn’t sure if the bizarre, missing neighbor was dead or alive.  But, what I did realize is that the house across the street was coming to life on its own, especially at night.  My roommate at the time was getting freaked out because she was noticing the window blinds were moving up and down, in what we assumed to be a bedroom window, seemingly on their own.  We both also began to notice that the bright kitchen light would turn on and off at night, all by itself.

—– The house began to exude complete creepiness and there would be nights when my roommate and I would just sit out in our front yard and observe the house across the street, contemplating what was occurring and what may have happened to the neighbor.  Before we knew it, we also began to experience strange things happening in our own home that simply couldn’t be explained naturally.

—– Then late one night, the spooky events culminated when I was in the front yard having an argument with my now ex-husband who had recently separated from me back then, but would still come by from time to time.  We both witnessed the kitchen light across the street once again turning on and off, all on its own.

—– Before we knew it, a dark black amorphous blob flew out of the house, shot towards our direction, and then right over my very own home’s roof until it was out of sight.   It was the darkest shade of black imaginable, even blacker than the night sky.   I immediately reacted upon seeing the dark flying entity by screaming out:  “Did you (expletive) see that?!”

—– I was in near-disbelief, but my ex-husband was able to validate on-the-spot that he saw: “a black thing shoot out of that house and fly over this way,” as he motioned with his hand the same path I observed the entity take.   I purposely didn’t tell him exactly what I saw beforehand, either.   Nonetheless, his account of the event confirmed that he witnessed the very same thing I did.

—– The feeling of fear that went along with seeing the shadow being still resonates within me to this very day.  I even included the complete story in my book of true scary and mysterious tales, Ghost Seer.

—– Since then, I have moved away from the neighborhood where the shadow person haunting occurred.  Even though I am in a different house now, I can say that I have noticed darting, human-shaped black shadows in my peripheral vision from time to time.   This has happened most frequently when I’m in my backyard, and the sun is setting or it’s already nighttime.

Two of the ways shadow people manifest themselves.

Two of the ways shadow people manifest themselves.

—– So, what exactly are Shadow people?  Well, we can only speculate, but there are several different theories as to who they are and what they may want…

—– Some believe that shadow people could be extraterrestrial in origin, or perhaps some sort of inter-dimensional beings, or even time travelers.  Others theorize that they are the shadows of those having astral travel or out-of-body experiences.  Another popular belief, especially with occultists, is that shadow people are demonic in nature.  This would be easy to understand due to the feelings of fear they incite in many who have seen them, including myself.

—– The theory which seems to make the most sense to me is that shadow people are ghosts of humans who have died.  After all, there are also reports of shadow children, especially in locations where children have been known to have met a tragic demise.  One great example of the shadow children phenomenon was made into an award-winning documentary called Children of the Grave.

—– Many who insist shadow people are trapped souls of the dead also assert that they may even need help from the living to move to the next plane of existence.  If this is the case, then the belief that shadow people want to scare or possibly even harm us may be completely misunderstood.

—– As an investigator and researcher into the paranormal, I know that my encounters with shadow people have really only begun.  I hope to be able to help unravel some of the mystery surrounding these enigmatic, dark entities over time.  Perhaps I might even be able to help some of these beings, if that is in fact what they need.

—– I recently decided to do a channeling session with my pendulum and pendulum board to ask my spirit guide to give me insight on the nature of shadow people.  The words that came through were, “weird void”.  I then asked if they were entities that were human at one time.  My spirit guide confirmed this to be true.  Finally, I asked what it is that shadow people want.  What was communicated to me were the words, “never say”.

—– So, the mystery remains.  At least, for now…

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